Infrared Heating for Glamping Lodges

Extending the rental season is a top priority for you and other glamping site owners. For this reason, heating in uncomfortable cold days is necessary. Byecold offers a range of energy efficient infrared heaters perfectly suited to this heating application. Our high quality infrared heaters are designed and manufactured to perfection, available in a range of sizes and power, so as to blend effortlessly into the surroundings.
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Heating for Glamping Tent

Camping is all about being at one with Mother Nature, however when you are trying to enjoy a meal outside or a quiet drink, Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress. Keeping these areas warm has been a common problem for many camping goers due to normal camping heaters being too big to lug around and heating the air around them which consequently rises upwards! The Byecold® heater is ideal for outdoor seating areas of camping sites, using innovative shortwave infrared heat that is not affected by the wind, directly heating the areas where the heat is required. Due to its compact design and low kilowattage, the heater is suited just right for an efficient camping heating solution.

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Heating for Container Building

Shipping containers actually do a very good job of heating themselves. Being a metal box, containers are very good at transferring heat,but on the other hand, it has a hard time retaining heat. Therefore it is too adaptive to its outside environment. If it’s hot outside, it’s hot inside. If it’s freezing outside, it’s freezing inside. This is not to say container homes are a hopeless cause for those living in extreme climates. Fortunately,from choosing the right heating system and treated properly, container homes can retain a comfortable temperature during the winter. Byecold® can just provide a mature heating solution for such container homes.

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