Kitchen Heating

When thinking about kitchen heating a number of considerations come to mind: will it help create a cosy relaxing atmosphere, is it controllable, will it utilise valuable wall space, is it cost effective, expensive to run, does it require annual servicing, etc. In fact, the place where the kitchen designer can play is the underground and the roof. Kitchen designers tend to err towards underfloor heating as it does not constrain their design aspirations. However, those who already have underfloor heating know it does not tick all the boxes. Therefore, ceiling heating in kitchen is an alternative form of discrete kitchen heating.Byecold ® infrared ceiling heater is available which helps to create a cozy family kitchen.

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Bath Heating

In daily life, another place with high heating demand but hard to heat is the bathroom, where is humid, space limited. Byecold ® mirror heaters not only heat the room but when on don’t steam up – perfect for keeping you warm while you get ready after your bath or shower. Mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes and power.

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