Heating For Boutique Lodges & Hotels

For hotel owners, the comfort of those who are staying is a top priority. Although several factors contribute to guests' feelings of wellbeing, one of the most essential is that they feel pampered and relaxed. Choosing a heating system is challenging, especially as hotel owners want a solution that is cost-effective, stylish and convenient whilst creating a warm and comfortable environment. Byecold may give you a different idea.Following is optional solutions and products for different application.


Livingroom Heating

Benefits from Byecold Infrared Heating
√ Discrete and unobtrusive.
√ Silent operation,guest friendly
√ Surface picture customizable, can blend into any environment.
√ Easy to install, no pipework, Space saving
√ Instantaneous heat – the heaters provide comforting heat.
√ More pleasant room climate, and more efficient.
√ Allows guests to heat their rooms at the flick of a switch.
√ Requires no maintenance & comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
√ Rooms can be heated quickly and easily so no energy is wasted providing heat to unoccupied areas.
√ As each panel is standalone, individual rooms can be heated as and when required.


Bathroom Heating

A wet, cold bathroom in the morning? It doesn't have to be so. Byecold® infrared mirror heater keeps your bathroom dry as infrared radiation heats the walls and tiles and ensures fast drying. And foggy mirrors after a shower or bath are now a thing of the past. No more trembling in the morning, no damp-cold air, but rather a sun-warm, feel-good climate.
√ Installed quickly and easily optimal distribution of radiant heat and high efficiency.
√ Completely maintenance-free: Byecold® mirror heaters do not require maintenance.
√ Five-year warranty and best service.

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Towel & Bathrobe Heating

Everyone loves the warmth of a warm, fluffy towel. Advanced towel warmers can quickly and affordably dry towels while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your bathroom even in the cold seasons. Byecold ® Towel warmers are used to heat towels so that a person can use a warm towel after a shower. It is the really great to warm up your towel in any season,this will help prevent musty/musty odors caused by improper towel drying. Also, it makes the bathroom look attractive and classy.
√ Prevention of Mold
√ Low or No Maintenance
√ Easy to Install
√ Save Your Space

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Restaurant Heating

Byecold® infrared heaters are an effective heating solution for restaurants. The importance of offering customers an alternative, trendy and inviting alfresco dining or drinking area in a restaurant has never been more important to the success of any restaurant. Adding heat to these impossible to heat areas are an essential part of the process. Thanks to their flexibility of installation and them not taking up any floor space, this results in the infrared restaurant heaters not hindering the placement of tables and chairs in the restaurants, unlike the traditional ‘mushroom’ heater.

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